Being a person and a business, and keeping your opinions to yourself

No doubt, if you follow me on any social media, you have noticed that I’m not great at staying silent about social inequality topics like marriage equality & homophobia. And because my label is just me, that opinion gets declared on my instagram, twitter & facebook feed. I have noticed that some people keep their opinions on issues like this very quiet, and I have had one woman make a vague reference (was I supposed to take it as a threat? LOL) about not shopping from people who make political posts on their business pages… but you know what, that lady? I don’t want your money if you don’t support marriage equality. Go buy your fashion from someone who is passionate about your causes. May I suggest that Guy Who Loves A Dress, Cory Bernardi, be your inspiration, and good luck to you. Yeah I get it, it sucks hearing about stuff that you don’t care about. But some of us do care. We care mightily. And for those who are directly effected by all this? You can bet your backside they care.

I decided early on with this venture that how I feel about this, and other social issues, is integral to me and so by extension my brand, my label, it’s part of who I am and so of course it inspires my creative pursuits. Social inequality in the fashion world is, after all, one of the major reasons that Joolz exists as a fashion label. If there were a bunch of fashion houses already supplying the plus size market with all the things I wanted to wear, then I wouldn’t have had so much reason to make, and later start selling my own clothes.

So this is really two fingers in the air to those who have decided to play it “safe” and in doing so, not give their wholehearted support to the members of our society who need it most. That’s a privilege that those this directly effects can not afford to do, and I choose to support them. But it’s mainly two fingers up to that ridiculous woman who thought I would give a rats about courting business from obscene dinosaurs who haven’t got the cognitive skills to find their way into the 21st century.