Wear your leggings however you damn well want

Ugh. If I have to read that bullshit line one more time I am gonna scream. To all those “leggings are not pants” fashion nazis, you are boring me with your boring rules and your boring selves.

TAKE A GOOD LOOK! OOOOH THAT’S RIGHT! THIS FATTY IS SO SICK OF YOUR STUPID RULES & SHE’S WEARING THEM AS PANTS WITH A CROP TOP! And I look cute af with my fake green hair and my ittybitty sausage dog leggings. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

If anyone else wants to wear leggings HOWEVER THEY DAMN WELL PLEASE feel free to go right ahead. It’s your body and they are your clothes.

(The Doxtooth ones I designed & am wearing are found here: https://www.joolzp.etsy.com)image


Let’s Talk Classism in Plus-Size Clothing

It is a hell of a lot of work to put together a clothing collection that is affordable and ethical. Many companies (I have to assume) simply don’t do it because it is “too hard”, and they don’t make enough money from doing so. I myself am yet to earn a living wage from what I do, and still I’m told quite often that my prices are too high for some people. I appreciate that my pricing is not for everyone. But I have made it as accessible as I can without literally sewing, collating, and designing clothing for people for free. I would have to humbly suggest that making clothing that is accessible to EVERYONE needs to be taken up by the big chain stores, who have the contacts, the resources, the marketplace access and the budgets to manage something like this. Us small-potatoes designers are simply not in a position influentially or financially to manage this by ourselves.

Fat Heffalump

Wow.  In the past 24 hours I have seen some of the most disgusting displays of classism in discussions about plus-size clothing that I think I’ve EVER seen in the fatosphere.  Wait until you see the doozy I just screen capped.

As most of you probably already know, Beth Ditto dropped her new plus-size clothing line this week.  It’s gorgeous.  I would love to own almost every item in the range.  But a lot of fat women have quite rightfully raised that they are priced out of the range because it aims at the high end market.  This isn’t a criticism of Beth herself, or her new range, but an important message about how one high end fashion range is not a victory for fat women in general, because MOST of us are not able to access the range (let’s acknowledge the cut off of larger sizing too, but that’s…

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